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I moved to this area alone and was very nervous about daycare services for my son. He had always been taken care of by close family and the thought of him in the hands of someone else was terrifying. I probably scowled half of Philadelphia before I found Cookies. The staff at Cookies made me feel very safe and my son quickly became attached to the staff there. That was well over 6 years ago. Today, the staff is practically family and I have no doubt in my mind that I want to send my newborn to them as well. The staff is very compassionate to the needs of the children that attend. Kaden and I love you guys!! And baby William is on his way!
~Mrs. Gomes-Huggins~​

I moved to Philadelphia, PA in 2009; coming from a small town with a close knit community, I had HIGH expectations concerning childcare for my (at the time) 8 month old, Olivia. Literally every childcare center I visited (within my weekly set budget) was a total NIGHTMARE! Over crowded, no distinct difference between infant, toddler and older children's "rooms", very low educational activities and to say the VERY least, many of the childcare centers in South Philadelphia that I visited, I personally felt should not have even been in business. Finding Cookies Early Learning Center was one of the best things that happened to my daughter and I! Driving up to Cookies, I first noticed the neighborhood, it was clean, safe, with an awesome park around the corner and a very obvious tight knit community. I instantly felt at ease, and something inside of me said that my search was finally over! Upon entering the facility, I noticed artwork on the walls, brightly colored decor, plenty of toys and children that were clearly enjoying themselves. I also loved that there were children of all races and ethnicity's; I find that important (a non judgmental zone.) Saving the best for last; THE STAFF! A warm and welcoming group of people, who without a doubt love the children that they work with. They are active and involved in taking care of the children and insuring that the center runs smoothly! I also enjoyed seeing the owner of Cookies inside of the Learning Center EVERY DAY. She isn't just the "boss lady", she is also a caregiver, an educator and a wonderful support system. Cookies Learning Center gave me hope for my future with my daughter while living in Philadelphia, and a piece of mind; knowing that my daughter was safe and happy. The Cookies staff became a second family to me, quite honestly, the only family that I have for miles and miles. If you're searching for a Learning Center that has more to offer than just a "pretty" facility...please look no further. Cookies Learning Center is well rounded, from head to toe! Your child will learn, grow, love and laugh! What more could a parent ask for?
~Brennan Reichlin~
As I look through old pictures of my grandchildren in Cookies, it brings back so many memories and I realized how much they have changed. I had the pleasure of being a part of Cookie’s family with the older staff that had moved on to other jobs, Ms. Sandy but Ms. Jaclynn is still there (Ms. Sandy’s daughter). Cookie’s does not have a big turn over in staffing and that is important to me. The staff in Cookies is compassionate towards children and parent’s needs and always greeted me and my grandchildren with a smile. I still have another grandchild that attends Cookies and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thank you all for all the hard work you do! 
~Ms. Crystal Brown~

Cookies Learning Center is one of the best facilities that I have placed my son into. Garnett attended Cookies at the age of one and is now currently three and is the Toddler Pre-K section of the daycare. I have seen my son excel in every aspect of learning and sharing since attending Cookies. He is learning Spanish, Sign Language and so many other educational tools that he will be able to carry with him when he starts Kindergarten. I did not have the best experience with daycare's until I found Cookies. The teachers are also wonderful, caring and intellectual individuals. I would not trade or change a thing about my experience with Cookies Daycare Center and I would recommend their services to anyone who wishes to give their child the best learning experience that he/she deserves! 
~Ms. Jessica Richardson~